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The smart way to
hold your phone.

Make your phone truly handheld.

Brand new

Designed for every type of smartphone.

GripTab works on Every Phone and
Every non-leather Case.

Give your smartphone a handy accessory.

GripTab is a phone holder helper. A What?  
A phone holding device. GripTab helps you hold your phone better by
 providing a perfect parking place for your pinky finger,
allowing for perfect comfort and grip while navigating and using your phone.
Now you can stop dropping your phone and hold your phone better. 
Take a look at the new possibilites for perfect selfies too!
Better than pop sockets
Never drop your phone
Popsocket isn't this good looking
Best selfie with a phone
Multitask your phone

It won't come off, until you want it to.

GripTab comes with semi-permanent tape to easily attach it to your smartphone
or protective case. And it will not come off, unless you want it to.

About Us

GripTab is currently a Start-Up seeking funding.  Feel free to contact for more information.

We have a provisional patent and filed a non-provisional application due for examination January, 2018.
As soon as we find the right investor fit, we will set out to get a GripTab on every phone on Earth.
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